Boesmanskloof , Greyton-McGregor

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This is where it all started...

Day one


Very steep hill

This must be one of the most rewarding hikes
in the Western Cape , having many aspects, such
as trepidation beforehand, physical strain, views,
swimming and superb accomodation on the other side.
The second day is rather easier than the first.

Looking down at Greyton

Over the worst!!

A rewarding view.

Nice cuppa tea.

The real start of the hike (after 7 Km!)

The destination is at the end of this kloof!

First sight of Oakes falls.

Meeting someone from the office
at the falls : Andrew and Cathy

Swimmer's eye view ..

Mushroom growing from anthill.

Do not dare to take the one on
the right lest thy will be punished!

The steps (very tiring)

The unfinished mountain pass.

Very comfortable bungalows ...

Up to the attic to sleep.

In the attic.

Day two


On the go again.

Big protea.

Going down steeply!

Tired but enjoying it all!

Seeing the falls again.

Another view of the falls.

First cuppa on day two..

JJ trying to find a sunken egg..

The poncho is not only for wet weather.

The end of the walk 7 Km from the car...

Starting down again.

Almost back to the car!

The survivors....