Otter Trail (Day Five)
Sunday, 10 January 1999

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1Leaving the place clean
for the next folks.

2Last vista at
Andre Hut.

3Starting out in the rain.

4Saying goodbye to
beach and the
invisible otters.

5One of the steepest starts!

6Within a short (pant!)
while the huts are
far below.

7Beautiful vista from
the wet fynbos.

8Helpmekaar Kloof coming
up. Wonder where the name
came from?

9Sea view from
within the kloof.

10"Up smartly", into some forest..

11The end?


13"Down smartly"

14Onto the pristine
beach at Nature's

15Last stretch..

16Packing up..

17Mandatory, I think..

18Small but powerful,
these little OA's!

19Dawie, Esme,
Megan and Ronnie.

20JJ, Adele,
Stephan and Tjakkie.