Otter Trail (Day Four)
Saturday, 9 January 1999

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1Starting with a
steep climb (again!!)

2Into the coastal bushes..

3Looking at rock pools.

4Tea at Cold Stream.

5Panoramic view of
Cold Stream. see even more
tidal pools..

7The otter shows the way.. yet another
beautiful little pool..

9Then up and up.. mop the
sweat and enjoy the view across
the fynbos!

10All the way down again.. go all the way up!

12Bloukrans river
heaves into view.

13Admire the depth and
the beauty..

14..while contemplating
the options..

15OK OK, don't
drop the pose!

16Low tide in 3 hours...

17Lunch is served..

18Wading through with the
digicam to snap
some panoramas..

19..and another further

20This is a spectator


22And some more..

23Wading combined
with scambling!

24..and then some..

25A tea break is
totally justified
after this!

26Followed by a little
exposed scrambling.. becoming
somewhat nicer.

28Late afternoon
shade break.

29Along the beach..

30Uh oh.. this is going

31Pant, Pant!

32"The longg and
windingg roadd ..!!

33Sheer beauty!

34Andre huts at last..

35..but some more bone
crunching, for old time's

36Interesting flower
like fungus.

37The Klip river

38Near Andre's huts

39The last night out..

40It better be good..,
I carried it all this

41Otters, anyone?

42What a sunset!

43Rain disturbing
the lens, but
not the mood.

44Good company..